About Penrith FC

One of the oldest established football clubs in the Nepean District.

Field Status: Open

Our History

Penrith Football Club is one of the oldest established football clubs in the Nepean District. Originally called the South Penrith Sports and Social Club, its genesis began in 1968 on the daily commuter trains to and from the city.

As with many of the sporting clubs in Penrith, it was the work and determination of a few dedicated people which saw this club get off the ground. Len Gendle and Ernie Johanssen felt that the community needed a soccer club to promote sportsmanship in the area. Initially, the train became their “office” as plans were drawn up for a draft constitution and the paperwork needed for the formation of a club was dealt with. 1968 saw the club field two junior and two senior teams in the competition.

Since then, we have seen the club go through many changes. Our name, for example, has gone through several changes, South Penrith Sports and Social Club, South Penrith Soccer and Sports Club, Penrith Sports and Social Club, Penrith Soccer Club and then in 2006 Penrith Football Club or as we are more commonly known these days Penrith FC.

No doubt the future will see more changes for our club and, of course, we all hope those changes will be for the better. So far, we have continued to go from strength to strength over the last 52 years. From those humble four teams in 1968 to the present day where we have around 25 teams.  At one point, Penrith FC managed to field over 60 teams for a few seasons. We are sure Len and Ernie would be proud!

And while our club colours have always been the distinctive red, green, and white, similarly as time has passed, we have adopted different styles of strip, going from the original all cotton “candy stripes” of the 60’s and 70’s, then to a mostly white strip, through to a more familiar and dominant “bottle green” of late. And our strip is changing again for season 2021 with the welcome edition of four new sponsors.

Our Teams


U5 to U11

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    U12 to All Age

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    Coaches, Managers & Volunteers

    All coaches, managers and volunteers will need to register through the Play Football website

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    Club Grounds

    Penrith FC's home grounds are located within Jamison Park on the corner of York and Jamison Roads, Penrith, NSW.

    Our full-sized fields are Jamison Park 1, 2, 3 and 4, and we have two mini fields directly in front of the canteen. Our Mod fields are contained within full-sized fields 3 and 4 (closest to York Road).

    Visitors are most welcome to visit our terrific canteen facility and order their early morning breakfast or lunchtime meal from our famous barbeque.

    Life Members Honour Roll

    Len Gendle (Foundation Member) Paul Wildman
    Ernie Johansen (Foundation Member) Ian Hampton
    Ron Stonestreet Sue Hampton
    David Boreham Mark Fenlon
    Robert Everett Robert Lowenstein
    Veronica Everett Alan Morley
    Carol Greenwood Erris Shiels
    Clayton Greenwood Jenny Fenlon
    Jim Magee Samantha Hampton
    John Murphy Maria Lowenstein
    Greg Slaughter Lynn Russell
    Steve Calder Warren Russell
    Tom Chedotal Andrew Hind
    David Pickard

    Billy Varga

    Paul Howroyd Gavin Bernardino
    David Lawrence Cameron Beattie
    Stan Stafford Richard Bray
    Blake Sutton

    Paul Townsend

    Peter Pearson

    Karen Pearson


    John Richmond